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What clients are saying . . .

"Dear Bill and Handel on the Law, I am writing to thank you for referring me to one of your Handel on the Law Attorneys, Michaela Curran. I listen to Bill every day, met him once in person, which was great, and am a big fan. I learned about from Bill during his radio show. Michaela Curran represented me for two years in a very complicated, highly contested case. She did an extraordinary job. She was very professional and kind towards me. Yet, she was very knowledgeable and aggressive in court while working with the five lawyers hired to oppose my case. At every step, Ms. Curran went far above and beyond what was required of her and exceeded all of my expectations. She communicated with me regularly, responded to my concerns, and remarkably, even though she has a very busy successful practice, she gave my case her undivided attention. She always treated me as if I was her only client. Because Mrs. Curran did such a great job for me, I will recommend her to anyone I know who has a legal problem. She does a great job, gets great results, and is a pleasure to work with. In closing thank you Bill and his staff. I am very happy that you offer this referral service for me. It worked out great." -- Karen Stearns

"Dear Bill, Thank you so much for your website referral of Mr. Leon Bayer, of Bayer, Wishman and Leotta, bankruptcy specialists. We had interviewed with two other attorneys before making our decision to go with Mr. Bayer. Unlike the others, Mr. Bayer clearly understood our concerns and the unique complexity of our situation. I have absolutely have no doubt that Mr. Bayer's expertise, professionalism and reputation led to our successful and uncontested bankruptcy discharge. Although Vicky and I have a ways to go to get back on our feet, we are finally "breathing" again. For that, we could not possibly thank you enough. Thank you," -- Richard and Vicky M. from Wildomar, CA

"Please know how very grateful my husband and I are for the service you provide. I don't think I would have thought to get a lawyer from a referral service, but I just thought, "If Bill Handel has anything to do with it, it must be great." I was right. We hooked up with an amazing attorney who was really able to help us sort through some legal problems we were going through. Again, many thanks to you." -- Thomas and Janine R.

"A couple of months ago I needed an attorney and I went to the website and looked up the specialty I needed in my area. I really found the bios and other info helpful and I contacted a couple of the lawyers from your site. Eventually I chose one and it has been the best working relationship I have ever had with a lawyer. Thank you for creating a listing of trustworthy and honest professionals. My experience has been fantastic and if I am ever in need of an attorney again, I will definitely use your service." -- Lori from Covina

"PS-I still visit your website regularly for a little laugh. I love Bill's World."

"I just wanted to let you know how truly knowledgeable the attorney I spoke to was. As it turned out, he thought I really didn't need an attorney and suggested ways I can go about solving the problem myself. Even though I didn't end up needing an attorney, I was so impressed with his honesty that I went into work the next day and told my friends the story. One actually logged on that day to find an attorney for his sister. I think I may want to earn commission for now on." -- Jeff L.

What our Attorneys are saying . . .

A few weeks ago I registered my firm on your website in several categories and have had a great response. Everyone compliments the "Handel site" as being very helpful and user friendly . . . Bill's matter-of-fact sense of humor on his show tends to "demystify" the law for his listeners and makes them more comfortable in actually seeking legal advice . . .Again, congratulations on establishing a great resource. I am most pleased to be part of it. -- James Neal Farris, Esq. , Roswell, GA

"Handel on the law has been a great resource for our firm to reach out to the general public and offer affordable legal services to those in need.  Moreover, clients calling recognize our firm as having already been pre-screened which adds credibility to our firm and peace of mind to the callers.  Bill Handel has put together one of the best combinations of online advertising, radio, and the talk show forum that really delivers value to its listeners and advertisers.  Way to go Bill!" -- Robert Rann, Esq. - Newport Beach, CA

"As an attorney that has never advertised my legal services, I am thrilled at the "marketing" done for me by Handel on the Law. I have seen immediate results. Potential clients started calling almost immediately. Clients typically report that they found me "on my website", or that "Bill Handel referred me". There seems to be instant credibility. Moreover,  the client has a real legal need and is ready to retain the services of an attorney. I settled a personal injury case for $400,000.00 within three months! Bill, my friend, thank you." -- Robert A. Moss, Esq. - Atlanta, Georgia

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