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Personal Injury

This brief description is intended to provide general information about Personal Injury Law and in no way intends to replace specific information provided by personal injury attorneys or personal injury law firms.

The question "What is Personal Injury?" can be concisely answered by describing it as the area of American jurisprudence dealing with injuries to the mind, body or emotions for which the law will allow compensation paid by the injurer to the injured. Given the broad definition, personal injuries encompass many types of cases, including but not limited to: a personal injury accident such as a car accident, work accident and/or an accident at home; product defects, dog bites medical and dental accidents, occupational diseases, assaults, and defamation such as slander and libel. Fundamentally, if you can prove that another party acted or failed to act, that it was negligent or willful and that you were injured as a direct result, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. The amount of compensation greatly depends on the injury’s severity: the more serious the injury and the more severe the pain and suffering, the higher the compensation. In addition, an injured person can be compensated for the ways in which the injuries, pain and suffering have affected his/her life.

Personal injury lawyers typically take cases on a "contingency fee" basis. Very briefly, contingency fee means that the attorney is paid a fee only if your case is successful by a judgment or a personal injury settlement. You should review a contingency fee agreement carefully before signing it because some contingency fee agreements still require the client to pay the attorney’s costs (such as filing fees, postage fees, fees paid to other professionals, and fees that attorneys regularly pay to pursue a case), whether or not your case is successful.

Personal Injury is a very complex system governed by state law and/or federal law, depending on the type of injury, the injurer, the injured, where the injury occurred and when the injury occurred. In addition, state and federal laws set time limitations for bringing personal injury lawsuits; if the suit is not filed within the time limits, your case can be dismissed even if you have an otherwise rock-solid case. Consequently, if you want to file a successful personal injury lawsuit, you will probably need a lawyer. Your best course of action is to perform a lawyer search and find a lawyer in your state who specializes in Personal Injury.

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