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Wealthy Client Divorces Wife with Prenuptual Agreement

Wealthy Client Divorces Wife with Prenuptual Agreement

Attorney:  Attorney Peter Allen Hands

Area of Law: Divorce

Date: 01/01/2000

State Filed: California

Settlement: Still in Process

Warren was a very wealthly man. Carol (my client) married Warren in 1990 and she signed a prenuptual agreement that said if she was marriied 5 years she got $50,000.00 and if she was married 10 years she got $100,000.00 only.

After 10 years and six months Carol was in a horrible car accident she almost died and was left greatly disfigured. (As predicted) Warren divorced her and the divorce court said that the prenuptual agreement was valid and she was limited to no spousal support or even a share of the community property,,,, just $100,000.00

Carol appealed.

On appeal the court ruled for Carol and the trial court ruled that the agreement was not enforceable since it was unconscionable to enforce such an agreement under the circumstances.

Now we are presently back in court to determine what is a fair division of property. All Carol wants is justice

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