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Chapter 13 Individual Client Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Individual Client Bankruptcy

Attorney:  Attorney Dheeraj K Singhal

Area of Law: Bankruptcy

Date: 06/01/2012

State Filed: California

Settlement: Debt Wiped Out

Husband and wife came to us on eve of foreclosure on their home. They had tried several loan modifications, to no avail. Bank kept saying that they would continue the foreclosure, but they didn't. The day before the trustee's sale, we filed their Chapter 13 bankruptcy case. We were with them every step of they way, making sure they met all their obligations to the Court, the bankruptcy trustee and their lender. The case was smoothly confirmed, ensuring that they would stay in their home and emerge out of bankruptcy with all of their debt wiped out and totally current on their home mortgage. It was a fantastic result for the client, giving them the right to stay in their own home.

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