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Law Category > Juvenile Crimes
In re T.S.

IN RE T.S. (juvenile crimes)

Attorney Marcie L. Gardner

Represented student at expulsion hearing. Student broke another student’s nose during a fight. During three-hour hearing, proved other student initiated fight and had bee..   [+]

In re S.S.

IN RE S.S. (juvenile crimes)

Attorney Marcie L. Gardner

Client was charged with assault with a deadly weapon for attempting to run over someone three separate times. Client was in custody when Attorney Gardner was hired. After..   [+]

In re A.G.

IN RE A.G. (juvenile crimes)

Attorney Marcie L. Gardner

Client was charged as an accessory to murder for a gang-related shooting. Successfully defeated DA’s attempt to have Client transferred to adult court. On day before tr..   [+]

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